Creating Opportunity

Asian Economic Development Association

Asian Economic Development Association was created to expand opportunities for economic success for low-income Asian Americans in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Twin Cities. Our programs help lift people out of poverty and achieve economic stability. We focus on helping our communities create jobs through small business development; achieve financial capability through financial education and access to credit; champion more vibrant neighborhoods through arts and culture; and attain racial justice and economic inclusion through advocacy.

Advocacy and Policy s
Advocacy and Policy

Business Technical Assistance AEDA provides counseling and training to new and existing business owners to start and improve their businesses. AEDA train in several Asian languages so that businesses can learn in the language they are most comfortable with. 

Financial Education & Credit Building s
Financial Education & Credit Building

In February 2012, we launched the Little Mekong Asian Business & Cultural District ( as an asset-based creative placemaking and local economic development strategy to turn a two block strip of University Avenue in Frogtown into a world-class destination 

Creative Placemaking

AEDA’s financial capability program gives participants the tools to increase their credit worthiness and the know how to plan, manage and improve their financial situation. AEDA’s business counselors can work with participants in their native language. Credit Building for Success

asian small business development s
Asian Small Business Development

The goal of AEDA’s advocacy and policy program is to build racial equity and ensure inclusion of low-income Asian Minnesotans in economic opportunities. We achieve our goals through community engagement, coalition building, advancing policy and institutional change

Program Highlights

We build our innovative approaches to creating jobs and reducing poverty for Twin Cities Asian population through in-language, culturally appropriate direct engagement with our communities.

Asian Economic Development Association

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring opportunity to Asia and improve the living conditions of all people across Asia. If you would like to know more, contact us below.