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Creative Placemaking

In February 2012, we launched the Little Mekong Asian Business & Cultural District ( as an asset-based creative placemaking and local economic development strategy to turn a two block strip of University Avenue in Frogtown into a world-class destination on the Green Line. Bringing diverse stakeholders together, AEDA’s Little Mekong initiative aims to attract customers and investments to Little Mekong, and reposition the district into a transformative, thriving economic and cultural hub. To support and enhance Little Mekong, we began art and cultural initiatives to bring the district to life, increase access to Southeast Asian artwork in a lower income community, and further promote small and micro-businesses.

  • Our creative placemaking activities include engagement of local artists, artisans, business owners, and neighborhood residents. We also initiated physical revitalization projects to make Little Mekong more attractive for visitors and promote greater neighborhood connection and pride among residents through a façade improvement program, public space and public art projects.  Little Mekong is helping to build a healthier, more livable community and will help create and grow family wealth assets using business development strategies, arts and culture, design, and physical development.
Creative Placemaking

Fruit Vendor At The Mekong Market.

Little Mekong Street Market

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