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Small Business Services

The Asian Economic Development Association’s Small Business Assistance Program works with business owners to start and to grow their businesses. Our goal is to help your business succeed.

Ask for a Meeting

The first step is to call us and meet with a business counselor. We will discuss how AEDA can help your business grow. We can meet with you about:

  • Business planning: do you have an idea to start or grow your business? We can help you think through what you need to do.
  • Storefront improvement for businesses in the Little Mekong District. Improving your storefront will attract more customers. We have a small amount of grant dollars for qualified businesses and property owners in Little Mekong. Click here for more information about the Little Mekong Storefront Improvement Program.
  • Training and workshops: is there a business skill or topic you would like to learn more about? We can help.
  • A loan to expand or start your business. If you need a loan, meet with us to discuss your options and what AEDA has to offer. Click here for the success story of one our loan clients.

Consultations are free. All services are available in English, Hmong, Vietnamese, Thai, and Lao.

Schedule an appointment today. 651-222-7798.

Little Mekong Street Market 1

Fruit Vendor At The Mekong Market.

Little Mekong Street Market

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