Women Enterprise Empowerment Series

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Women Enterprise Empowerment Series

Women Enterprise Empowerment Series

Connecting, Empowering, and Supporting Asian Women Entrepreneurship

The Women Enterprise Empowerment Series: Connecting Empowering, and Supporting Asian Women Entrepreneurship will:
‘     – Connect you to people and resources who want to see your business idea be successful.
‘     – Empower you with the knowledge for starting a successful and sustainable business.
‘     – Support you in creating a network of Asian women entrepreneurs from whom you can learn and gain strength as you all grow.

In a series of four events, you will gain skills, knowledge and relationships. All events are FREE, and open to anyone interested. You can go to all the events or just one; however we encourage you to attend more and develop relationships with the other women who attend. DINNER and CHILDCARE will be provided.

  • December 10  ~  Putting it all Together
    Keynote Speaker: Kia M Kehrer, MBA
    Date: Thursday, December 10 @ 5:30pm
    Location: Goodwill, 553 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN
    Running a business requires running many functions and roles simultaneously. We will cover various functions in business management including legal, marketing and personnel. You will leave with a general understanding of business functions and resources to developing a cohesive business environment.

Kia M Kehrer has an Associates in Fashion Design, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design, and a Master of Business Administration. She has over 7 years of working in a non-profit setting and over 5 years of assisting individuals and businesses in branding, marketing, and various other design needs. She sells her fashion creations through her online shop and hopes to focus on this aspiration even more in the near future.

Register at http://goo.gl/forms/E0CAoSGCrv.
For more information, contact Joo Hee at joohee@aeda-mn.org or 651-528-7858.


Past events:

November 12  ~  Business Financials
Keynote Speaker: Thomas Larson, Prepare + Prosper
Trainer: Jeff Whitman, Asian Economic Development Association
Date: Thursday, November 12 @ 5:30pm – Speakers begin at 5:45pm
Location: Goodwill, 553 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN
There are several financial factors affecting business ownership. This workshop will cover some finance basics and offer resources for sustainable and responsible financial management including budgeting and forecasting for your business. Additionally in this workshop, we will take a look at taxes and basic finances to help you learn more about how they affect your business or service. The goal is to help you be more organized and identify expenses to improve your bottom line. A focus will be made on self-employed entrepreneurs and Schedule C Profit/Loss for a business.

Thomas Larson has worked as the Self-employment manager at Prepare + Prosper (formerly Accountability MN) for over 9 years. He thoroughly enjoys helping people learn more about taxes and their businesses.

Jeff Whitman is the events manager at Asian Economic Development Association. He runs his own online business on the side and is trained in retail management.


October  ~  Planning Your Business
Keynote speaker: Jake Yang, Preston Bradley, LLC
Date: October 8 @ 5:30pm
Location: Goodwill, 553 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN
This hands-on workshop will cover the various components of a business plan and get you on the path to a viable and solid business. Come prepared to turn ideas into action.

Jake Yang is a pioneer in the Hmong small business community from executing top-rated business plans to securing capital for his clients. His first entrepreneurial initiative was at the age of 17. During college, he opened his second business, a staffing firm.

In addition to his entrepreneurial onset, Jake is skilled in accounting and tax. Both equally important to the success of any business. Jake’s specialization in accounting and tax makes him a valuable small business consultant. He holds an MBA in Finance and a Masters of Science in Accounting. He also has a BS in Business Economics.

Jake currently serves as the only Hmong American certified mentor for SCORE, an association supported by Small Business Administration (SBA). Jake is also an instructor for the Neighborhood Development Center’s Plan It!: Entrepreneurs classes.

Everyday, Jake helps entrepreneurs make their business dreams a reality.


September  ~  Leading through Self-Reflection
Keynote speaker: Kabo Yang, Legend Consulting Services
Date: September 17, 2015 @ 5:30pm
Location: Goodwill, 553 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN

Entrepreneurs are inherently leaders because we strengthen communities with our businesses. The pillar of leadership is the leader. Our values, beliefs and outlook influence how we operate our business, work with our employees and engage with our customers and community. Practicing self-reflection is one way to connect and reconnect ourselves to our leadership.

Kabo Yang is principal consultant of Legend Consulting Services, a practice she founded with an emphasis on management and leadership. She has worked with nonprofit organizations on projects including strategic planning, leadership development, community engagement, fundraising, training and development, and team effectiveness. Kabo recently joined St. Mary’s University and St. Catherine University as an adjunct instructor in their Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Programs.

Kabo has a B.S. in Business Administration from Metropolitan State University, a M.A. in Organizational Leadership from St. Catherine University, a M.A. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University. Her research interests are on immigrants, women and leadership.

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